Residency events

“Nostos” means homecoming, a return.

What is performance? What is the art of the performer? What is this thing we come to want and come to do when we arrive to witness?

This two-week residency of the Open Program team at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at U of T, is imagined as an opportunity for artists, scholars, students, and activists (and artist-scholar-student-activists of all walks of life) to come together and encounter each other in the moment of performance. We have conceived of this as the moment of possibility of a certain return. A return, perhaps, to our own selves in the company of each other; a return to these others we have come to meet; a return to memories and desires that might come alive and enliven us; perhaps even a return to the knowledge that being together like this is already the start of something that has been ongoing.

Some of us have already met each other. Some of us have already been here before. Some of us are yearning to know what may be when we arrive.

Our guests come to us all the way from Italy, but they also come to us from many places of our world. We strive to welcome them by putting together a series of events where encounter and dialogue become possible in a number of different modes. It is in this spirit that we invite you to join us in exploration, contemplation, and play!

In the following pages you will find details of each of our scheduled events. Please register to let us know we should expect you.

To stay in touch with us, ask questions, and receive up-to-date announcements, please like our Facebook Page!


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